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Can’t get cable, and limited to Satellite Internet? No more! Unlimited internet provides a viable high speed internet option to rural areas! Even cable and DSL customers have switched to us due to our low prices, and great customer service.


Unlike many other providers, we do NOT limit your traffic
Use as much as you need, or want.
Many of our current customers use well over 1,000GB Per Month.


No longer are you restricted to where you can use your internet serivce. Our internet plans work in all 50 United States & Puerto Rico. With Optional international packages to over 200 Countries.

About Us

Finally, Rural high speed Internet service
no limits & no contracts!

Unlimited Internet is dedicated to providing the best solution to your internet needs without sacraficing quality.
We strive to beat our compeditors in speed, price, and offering.


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A few things we’re great at

Multiple Devices

All of our mobile devices create their own WiFi hotspot, that can handle up to 10 Devices simultaniously. Some devices can run up to 20 without any issues. . Many of our devices offer external Ethernet Ports, for installing your own home router and further expanding.

No Limits, Ever

Many companies will limit you on how much data you are allowed to use in a month. Our packages are fully unlimited!  We encourage you to enjoy your internet for streaming, gaming, and anything else you can throw at it! Only in times of congestion will you notice slower speeds, which is not a permanent problem.


In a world of cord cutters, We not only support but encourage use of services like Netflix, Hulu, and more!
The only limit you will ever see using our service for streaming is Netflix asking if you are still watching


Although speed will vary by location, signal strength, and congestion many of our customers report that we are 10x faster than their previous DSL provider. Our average download speed is 20Mbps! In some rare cases we have seen download speeds as high as 100Mbps

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