Unlimited Wireless Internet, great for home or on the go!

Here are our Frequently Asked Questions and their answers. If you cant find the answer to what you are looking for here, Please feel free to contact us!


Q: How Does it work?
A: Our services operate 100% on AT&T Cellular Towers. If you have good AT&T or Cricket coverage where you live or intend to use our service, then you will have no issues using our services.

Q: Why Cellular?
A: With the advancements in cellular in just the past few years, we find this is the most reliable and fastest way to expand internet services to those who could not previously get it! Our average download speed with 3 bars of signal is 20Mbps!

Q: Is this only for Rural Customers?
A: No! We have seen instances where customers could get Cable service, but they found that in their area the cable was unreliable and always offline. We are glad to service any customer who is interested in our service!

Q: Are there any contracts?
A: Unlike most cellular carriers, We do NOT lock you in any contracts. If for any reason you want to disconnect your service you can do so without any penalty. You can reactivate at any time without any activation fees!

Q: Is it secure? I use my credit card online a lot..
A: Our service uses 256bit encryption when transferring your data over the air to our towers. We have a very secure infrastructure to keep your personal data exactly that, Personal.

Q: What if my cell coverage isn’t good where I live?
A: This is a major requirement to our services.. You will need cell coverage for it to work. If you do not have cell coverage where you live, you can still use our services when traveling or on vacation.
We also recommend some equipment that may help your signal Here or Here

Q: Why wouldn’t I just go straight to AT&T for service?
A: Our entire company is based around a Grandfathered Business Plan. This means that with AT&T’s newest unlimited plans they have imposed a 22GB data limit. Our plan being Grandfathered does not see that limit, and can go well over 500GB without any issues.
AT&T also no longer offers unlimited for hot spot devices on new accounts, So you would have to pay by the GB. For what we charge you would only get 8GB directly through AT&T

Q: Is there any wiring required?
A: Nope! Our devices work completely wireless. All you’ll need is a wall plug for the power adapter.

Q: Is there any service that does NOT work with Unlimited Internet?
A: We have just recently been informed that Hulu Live TV no longer supports Mobile Carriers for their services. Although we think this is very unfortunate, we have no control over Hulu’s Decision to block ALL wireless carriers (not just us) and we encourage the use of many streaming competitors who DO still work with our service. Our personal favorite is YouTube TV. Some great alternatives are Sling TV, and AT&T TV NOW. To date this does not affect Hulu the service, only the Live TV portion.


Q: When I click order now, I am taken to a site called Free Packet?
A: Free Packet is our sister company, Free Packet was established in 2012 and prior to the creation of Unlimited Internet (the website) we offered unlimited internet packages on our Free Packet website for years! We redirect ordering to that website as it has the proper setup for credit card billing, and SSL Security to protect your information.

Q: Do you have auto pay?
A: Yes! Simply pay using your credit card, and do not check the box to NOT store your information and auto pay will automatically proceed every month.

Q: Why was I billed early?
A: Our billing generates invoices 14 days before their due date. Auto Pay will attempt to pay any due invoice as soon as it generates. This is normal practice, and you will not be double charged for any time. If you decide to cancel before you due date, any invoice over payment can be refunded.

Q: Is there a refund policy?
A: Because our contracts with AT&T provide a non refundable service, we cannot refund the cost of the service at all. However, if you want to sell your device back to us we will be glad to buy it back.

Q: Can I have more than one device/account?
A: You can have as many as you need! We do not limit the amount of devices a person can have, However each device will need its own data plan. (Device is referred to as the hot spot devices we sell. Not to be confused with WiFi devices. You can have as many WiFi devices as your hot spot can handle.)


Q: Do you only sell WiFi devices?
A: No, Our Nighthawk devices offer a built in Ethernet Port, Great for wiring our internet connection into your existing home network!

Q: Will my current device work?
A: As long as your device is either Unlocked or AT&T Compatible then it should work with our services. Please note however that our service is Internet Only. This will not work on Phones, or Home connect devices (Which offer a phone port for home phone).
NOT Compatible with pepwave devices.

Q: How many WiFi devices can my device handle?
A: Our Nighthawk device supports up to 32 WiFi devices on its built in WiFi network. You can alternatively connect the device via Ethernet to your own home network for an unlimited amount of WiFi Devices.
Most other devices support up to 20 WiFi Clients.