What to Choose?

Unlimited Wireless Internet, great for home or on the go!

We understand that with all of the options on the Order Now page it can be confusing trying to figure out which plan is right for you.

We created this page to try and help explain.

The best plan we offer today is the Truly Unlimited and No Speed Cap unlimited plan. This plan does not have a maximum usage limit or speed limit and is based on the highest priority on the tower. This plan is also very limited quantity and hard to find in stock. But if you happen to, You can order it here.

If that plan is not in stock the next best plan we offer is the Grandfathered 1TB plan. This plan offers 1TB of usage per month. If you are unaware of your usage, or think 1TB would not be enough then its recommended you skip this plan. We only encourage you to purchase this plan if you think you will not need more than 1TB of data per month. There are no speed limits with this plan, and it will achieve the highest possible speed for your area at all times.
Like the other plan, This plan is also on limited Quantities. So you may have some trouble finding it in stock. You can order it here.

Confused about the next Steps?
Many customers get confused after deciding on which plan is right for them, because they are hit with a ton of devices to choose from.. If you already have a AT&T Compatible or Unlocked hotspot then you likely only need to order a Sim Card from us. The sim card is only $0.01.
If you need a device the differences in choices really boil down to how much you want to spend. The more you spend likely the nicer device you will get.

Best Devices for Mobile Use:
If you aren’t planning on being in one place very long, and need a device with a strong battery life to stay on the go as much as you do, then you likely will want to get one of our portable devices. The best device you can get is the Netgear Nighthawk M1. Quantities on this device are limited, and if it is out of stock you wont be able to see it on the order form at all. The best alternative is the ZTE Velocity 2. This is the latest generation of the ZTE Velocity and is great for on the go use.

Best Devices for Home or RV Use:
Even for home use we recommend the Netgear Nighthawk M1 because it has a built in Ethernet port as well as has support for the new 5Ge Network which will deliver the best possible speed to you. (5Ge is one of the requirements for the 50Mbps plan). Again quantities are limited and its rare you will ever find this device in stock.
The best home device (because it has no built in battery) is the Mofi 4500. This device is one of the most advanced devices on the market today and has a lot more features than the average consumer will likely ever use. It also features a 4 port built in router for connecting wired devices directly. If you aren’t about exploring menus and playing with menus to learn what each of them do, The Mofi may not be right for you.
The runner up’s are the ZTE MF279 and ZTE MF275R. These two devices are identical in operation and cost. Both have a built in Ethernet Port for connecting wired devices or a router, and both have a Battery backup for power outages. Both devices are best for indoor and stationary use because while plugged in to a power source they tend to get better signal because they are not sacrificing battery life when putting extra power to the antennas.

Regardless of the device you choose, It becomes yours from the point you buy it. There is no “Payment Plan” No Contracts and no hassle. You purchase it and own it outright day one. If you ever decide to cancel service with us you can keep the device, or take advantage of our Buyback program at a discounted rate.

If you are still unsure about what to pick, Feel free to reach out to our support. We will be glad to help the best we can! support@freepacket.co